Weekly Photo Challenge: Half and Half

These “half and half” pictures were taken on our annual trip to Florida last October. Returning from a day excursion to see my sister on the Alabama Gulf coast, I passed this cotton field with cottony clouds overhead.


Back on the Florida beach the next day, we found that the coastal dune lake, Alligator Lake, had breached the dune and was emptying into the Gulf. Its brackish water provided a real contrast with the clear Gulf water.


That evening, our last vacation sunset provided a beautiful contrast between sky and sea.


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Weekly Photo Challenge: Dreamy

As a child, I remember laying on my back with my buddies and watching the clouds pass overhead. We would imagine different objects as the shapes of the clouds shifted and changed with the winds. I have not given up that pastime and offer a few of those clouds here. Do you see what I see? (Hover over the photo for my interpretation.)

Perhaps these serve as more of a Rorschach test and reveal something phobic or sinister about me, but I still love to daydream about what’s in the clouds.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Split Second Story (Sort of)

With some storms brewing in the Midwest yesterday, I thought I would try my hand at time-lapse photography. I took a picture every five seconds for 20 minutes (limited because of teaching responsibilities last night) and then condensed into a 12 second video. While I enjoy seeing the cloud formations build, changing shadows on the Crest Baptist Church Worship Center are fun to watch.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Layers

A sunset without clouds is “blah.” So, I always hope for a non-obscured drop of the sun below the sea’s horizon, but to have clouds in the sky to reflect layers of the sun’s final hues. This was the last sunset of our vacation in Florida and God painted a masterpiece with textured layers of color!

Last Sunset 2013

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Here is an additional video of that sunset: