Weekly Photo Challenge: Dreamy

As a child, I remember laying on my back with my buddies and watching the clouds pass overhead. We would imagine different objects as the shapes of the clouds shifted and changed with the winds. I have not given up that pastime and offer a few of those clouds here. Do you see what I see? (Hover over the photo for my interpretation.)

Perhaps these serve as more of a Rorschach test and reveal something phobic or sinister about me, but I still love to daydream about what’s in the clouds.

For more examples of “dreamy”, click HERE.


22 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Dreamy

    • The chimp is a combination of sky and clouds…a little more obscure until you see it. Then you see it all the time. There are two wisps of clouds that make the eyebrows.

      Thanks for taking a look and welcome, again, to the weekly photo challenge.


  1. I especially like the eagle, but I think its head rather looks like the head of a dog. Or a bat. 😉
    But the light under its wings has certainly a sparkle of divinity, don’t you think? XD


  2. You have a fertile imagination. I love looking at clouds but I rarely associate them with anything. I love it most when the sun hids partly amongst the clouds and could see rays of sunshine through them. I love to think that’s Gods blessing.


    • Thank you, Lou. I really don’t look for shapes much anymore, but I do prefer a day with a combination of suns and clouds. I, too, love seeing the sun’s rays emerge through the clouds. I appreciate your comments! God bless.


  3. Before peeking at your interpretation, I see a face in the first one, Godzilla carrying an umbrella in the second one, and an alien face in the third.
    I see the eagle now! I like your interpretation of that one better. Beautiful images!


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