Weekly Photo Challenge: Yellow

My primary interest in these pictures were the monarch butterflies as their fall migration took them across the Florida panhandle. The area serves as a refueling spot for the butterflies, the last stop before they make their way across the Gulf to winter in Mexico. However, their feeding stations fit this challenge as they feasted on the flowery nectar of goldenrods and golden asters (I think my plant identification is right…at least I know they are “yellow”).


Check HERE for some great examples of “yellow.”

9 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Yellow

    • There were hundreds of monarchs flying by but none seemed to be stopping. I finally found these on a vacant lot across the street from the condo in which we were staying, quickly I grabbed my camera and only got a few shots before these flew on their way. Thanks for visiting my blog, Judy.


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  2. Loved these photos and hope to be able to capture a beautiful butterfly lounging on an even more beautiful flower one day coming soon. Some wonderful shots of God’s awesome handiwork. Thanks for sharing, and until my WP pingback feature is back and up and running again (not seeing my link on the challenge page at all) here’s my take. Hope you enjoy as much as I enjoyed yours. https://galeweithers.wordpress.com/2014/12/19/souls-in-blossom/


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