Weekly Photo Challenge: Scale

I have had a fascination with miniature replicas for as long as I can remember. From playing with the original Lesney Matchbox cars to building 1/25 scale models vehicles during my adolescence, the more realistic the detail the better. While I have never been a huge HO (1/87) train enthusiast, I did pick up a few pieces in my early adulthood. This Santa Fe locomotive was the largest (and most expensive) of my small collection.

Scale 1/87

Tyco’s Santa Fe ALCO Century 630



Front: Tyco’s Santa Fe ALCO Century 630; Back: BNSF Electro-Motive Diesel SD70ACe

Coincidentally, I now live in a town in which the BNSF has a switching yard. The merger of Burlington Northern and Santa Fe in 1995 created the largest rail network in North America at that time.Creston’s Restored Depot no longer handles passenger/freight rail service, but it is the home of city offices and the site of the Creston Model Railroader’s impressive HO train layout. While the Depot was closed today, I did manage to get a picture through the window. They have done a great job of replicating our community and signature events.

You can find more examples of this week’s challenge HERE

9 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Scale

  1. I never understood the difference between OO and HO gauge, but you take me back to my youth – I was a Hornby Dublo boy! I am still in awe of the detail that these people put into their scale models. Thanks for the memories.


    • Apparently, there is no difference in track width but the models sizes differ: HO= 1/87; OO 1/76. I have Tyco products which are all plastic (Hornby Dublo were diecast metal?). The model railroading today is a rich man’s or a poor men’s collaborative hobby with the elaborate layouts. The local club has mounted wireless cameras to give front and side views of the moving trains. Thanks for stopping by, Ken.


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