Weekly Photo Challenge: Motion (2)


The beach in a place of perpetual motion. From the waves to the wildlife, there is always something moving. These pictures were taken last October on the Florida panhandle.IMG_0046

As much as I like my granddaughter’s wave jumping abilities, her shadow is pretty good, as well. Her expectant mom, with twins who were born in December, is in the background.IMG_0073  Granddaughter #2 gets to ride the waves with dad.IMG_0090

Cousins prepare for a wave that’s about to swamp them.


My wife’s walk down the beach leaves the evidence of her motion.


In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Motion.”

Weekly Photo Challenge: Family

Photographing our family not only gives us the chance to share something close to our heart, but affords us the opportunities often required to capture an image in a very special way. – Josh R (WordPress)

Our annual, family trip to Florida offers me a great time to chronicle (through photography) our family’s growth. While I’m able to get some good portrait shots, I enjoy capturing some silhouettes at dusk.This year I photographed my oldest daughter’s family of four in the day’s last light – mom and dad (side by side), toddler on dad’s back and the three year old running ahead.Beach Walk at DuskTwo years earlier, with only one child at the time, the same daughter’s family took off for a beach walk. My wife and I followed a short time later and I was pleased to find their steps in the sand preceding our path…a sweet representation of their family.

Foot Prints

Because this is an extended family event, this week’s header is changed to reflect our bigger family at play with a cornhole tournament.

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