Weekly Photo Challenge: Family

Photographing our family not only gives us the chance to share something close to our heart, but affords us the opportunities often required to capture an image in a very special way. – Josh R (WordPress)

Our annual, family trip to Florida offers me a great time to chronicle (through photography) our family’s growth. While I’m able to get some good portrait shots, I enjoy capturing some silhouettes at dusk.This year I photographed my oldest daughter’s family of four in the day’s last light – mom and dad (side by side), toddler on dad’s back and the three year old running ahead.Beach Walk at DuskTwo years earlier, with only one child at the time, the same daughter’s family took off for a beach walk. My wife and I followed a short time later and I was pleased to find their steps in the sand preceding our path…a sweet representation of their family.

Foot Prints

Because this is an extended family event, this week’s header is changed to reflect our bigger family at play with a cornhole tournament.

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11 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Family

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    • Thanks for stopping by, Cris. I saw that you previously worked for a daily newspaper in Iowa. Our small, Southern Iowa city still has one (M-F), but recently begin sharing staff with a neighboring city to remain viable.

      I could identify with your encounter with a farmer, having just experienced a farmer stopping to ask me what I was doing as I snapped pictures (from the highway right of way) of a windmill (on his property) with a wind turbine in the background (new meets old). Apparently a rash of recent thefts in the area caused me to be under suspicion.

      Look forward to seeing more of your work.


      • I worked in Page County, Iowa in the newspaper business, but for some reason, even after four years, they didn’t like being told off for being jerks and they fired me. LOL I truly enjoyed the work, though. One of my duties was taking candids of the townspeople doing various things and I enjoyed that. That is the part I miss the most.

        Well, there’s plenty to look at on my website. You’re more than welcome to check them out. 🙂 I’m never above a little self-promotion. Hehehe


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