Weekly Photo Challenge: Descent

I was excited to come home from vacation and find a new playground unit installed on our church property.

Some of my first experiences of “descent” were on backyard swing set and public park slides. I have vivid memories of the climb, the quick slide down and the run back to the ladder to repeat the process all over again. No curving slides in my day…just a straight shot down a shiny and hot piece of metal- the taller the better. If the ride down was slow, you just got some of your mom’s wax paper and rubbed the surface down. Then, you better make sure you were ready for a running landing or else you were on your backside or face down on the hard ground (no mulch, pea gravel or safety mats for us).

While those safety measures are now in place with plastic instead of metal slides, I’m happy that kids still have slides. A private, Christian school uses our facility and helped fund this project. The squeals of students at play during daily recess brings joy to my heart. I am sure that this multiple-slide unit will elicit its fair share joy.

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