Weekly Photo Challenge: Adventure


Getting a jump on the competition, we were airborne.

I would not consider myself a very adventuresome person. I’m not the most athletic person and not much of a thrill seeker. However, I have flown with a friend in his tandem ultralight, a risk my late father, a Navy fighter pilot (from Hellcat props and to Fury jets), admitted he would not take. And, last September, I took my first hot air balloon ride during our town’s annual balloon race.

Perhaps some of my favorite adventures are kayaking in the Gulf of Mexico in the pursuit of a close encounter with dolphins. Three years ago, my sister and I were treated to a sighting of a pod of about ten dolphins close to the shore. With kayaks on the beach, we quickly ventured into the waters to get a closer look. I took my Canon Power Shot, but after taking about a dozen pictures I noticed the display said, “No Card.” I was sick and too far from the beach house to go back and retrieve an SD card, so we just continued watching the dolphins breach, while staying a safe, non-intrusive distance from them.

There are few, non-essential requests that I make of God, but this is one time I prayed that He would let me have another opportunity to see and share a similar experience through the lens of my camera.

The next day, with my camera by the door our beachfront condo and card in slot, the same dolphin pod swam past. Over the next hour, they treated us to the occasional sights and sounds of surfacing (chuffing/exhaling), but also some spectacular jumps, including two breaching simultaneously in what looked like a choreographed SeaWorld show (see thumbnail below – 1:58 on video). Because of the uncertain and sporadic nature of the dolphins’ surfacing, I chose to take shoot video instead of photos. Below is a compilation of that adventure.

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