Weekly Photo Challenge: Juxtaposition

I’ve been visiting the local state park over the past few weeks since several bald eagles have been spotted in the area. So far, I’ve not “captured” the elusive bird, but there are thousands of Canadian geese in open water at the mostly frozen lake. Last Monday, I was taking some pictures and spied a rodent approaching a group of geese, who were sitting on the ice at the water’s edge. They were somewhat wary of this foraging muskrat and eventually took flight. So, here is the “juxtaposition” between land-bound and winged creatures. Obviously, the geese don’t have much “Muskrat Love.”

After watching this muskrat’s intrusion on the gaggle of geese, I spotted what looked like two rocks on the water’s edge about 100 yards away. Through the lens I could see that they were, indeed, muskrats, who were feeding on something. Since this was my first time to see muskrats in the wild, I was intrigued at watching them eat, submerge into the icy water and then emerge with some underwater vegetation to continue their feasting.

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