Weekly Photo Challenge: One Shot, Two Ways

For this challenge, capture two images — a horizontal and a vertical version — of the same scene or subject. There are no concrete “rules” here, but a) it should be evident that both shots are of the same place/location or person/thing, and b) your photographs should ideally have been taken during the same shoot. – by Cheri Lucas Rowlands on August 9, 2013.

The first pictures were taken as I was traveling near my home in Iowa last Spring. The blur of wild blue phlox in my peripheral view caused me to turn around for a few photos. But the rusting gate and topless grain silo in the background captured my interest, wondering how many times that silo had been filled with corn, or imaging a farmer’s child jumping off the tractor to open the gate for his father as he brought in a full grain wagon from the harvest.

The next shots are of the garden angel and petunias growing there. The angel was given to my wife as a memorial at the time of her mother’s death. She loves her perennial garden with a splash of annual colors and the comfort of her mother’s memory in its midst.

In slideshow format with a few more to meet the challenge.

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