Weekly Photo Challenge: Blur

I attended a  concert last week in which the artists, Tenth Avenue North performed their song, Stars in the Night. Before performing the song, lead vocalist, Mike Donehey, asked the crowd to turn on their camera phone lights. With lights shining throughout Wells Fargo Arena, I purposely took these pictures out of focus to get more of a more star-like quality.


We’re running to you
On fire from the mercy in your eyes
And through the dark
Singing we are yours
Your love will lead us through the fight
Like stars in the night
Stars in the night
Stars in the night
Lead us through the fight – “Stars in the Night” Chorus

IMGP9960 (2)

The band’s guitarist, Jeff Owen, describes how he and Mike wrote the song:

He and I sat down on his piano and came up with these lines around the idea of stars in the night. Old sailors had navigation only by stars. That’s kind of like our walk as believers when the sky is the darkest, the stars always seem brighter and more stars appear to guide you to where you’re going.

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