Weekly Photo Challenge: Letters – Take 2

While waiting for the Amtrak passenger train and a coal train to clear the tracks, enabling a clear shot of the graffiti-covered railcar featured in my first “Letters” entry, I took a picture of The Iowana. Originally built as a hotel in 1920, the tallest building in this railroad community of Creston was once a hub of activity when rail was king. Sitting vacant for a number of years, it was recently revitalized into senior adult housing with 24 units in its six floors and mezzanine level.


The signage originally read “Hotel Iowana.”  In its restored version, the sign was refitted with LED lights and the “T” “H” and “E” letters were preserved from the “hotel” moniker and repositioned above the IOWANA (it’s always good to recycle if possible).


Click HERE for more examples of “letters.”

Here are a few more examples of “letters” on the historic Creston Depot.

10 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Letters – Take 2

    • Thanks, Rene. Even if the interior needs to be updated for current code requirements, I always prefer the preservation of these old buildings. They did a great job of restoring the old Depot, now City Offices, but retaining the old passenger waiting area as it was in the day. My friend, Darrell, posted a link to a post card of the Depot in its earlier days in the comment below.


  1. Awesome pics! I’m a historian at heart, and I’ve always been fascinated with the Iowana. I was happy they restored it for future generations to enjoy. Thanks for sharing! -Darrell


    • It grieved me to see it in such disrepair for so many years. I wish more of the buildings on Adams St. had been preserved instead of having facades cover up the original architecture. Thanks for stopping by, Darrell!


      • Not sure if you know about this page, but thought I’d send it to you. Some great pictures of Creston over the years.


        I really wish the old depot still had the canopy…I think it was made out of copper (?) I heard a story once that during World War II, during the scrap drives the canopy was dismantled and donated to the war effort. You can see what I’m talking about on this old post card…be nice if they could restore that someday and put a new one on.

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