Weekly Photo Challenge: On Top

Sara Rosso challenges: “In a post created specifically for this challenge, share a photo that means On Top!”

In fulfilling last’s week’s challenge of “Monument,” my object (the JFK Monument in Dallas, Texas) was near a fascinating object “on top.” From my vantage at the Kennedy Memorial Plaza, I took the pictures of the old Dallas Court House with only the Clock Tower visible over the trees that grow to its east. Now called the Old Red Museum, this renovated building houses local historical artifacts.

Built in 1892 of red sandstone rusticated marble accents, the courthouse was replaced in 1966. Apparently, the original clock tower was an after thought and not a part of the original blueprints. As a result of that poor planning, there were ultimately compromises in structural integrity, and the original clock tower was removed 1919. However, renovations to “Old Red” in the 2000’s enabled the tower to be restored. In my opinion, clock/bell towers are the proper caps “on top” of old courthouses.

For more examples of “on top,” click HERE.

This Youtube video takes a peek inside the clock tower and includes the bell ringing at the four o’clock hour (2:55).

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