A Share of “On Football and Freedom”

Well, my Facebook news feed looks like the Fourth of July with all stars and stripes profile overlays, threats of boycotts and the occasional blast at Trump for inserting himself in the football fray. While I consider myself a proud U.S. citizen, I’m not changing my profile picture, because I think the whole NFL “take a knee” issue has been oversimplified to make it a patriotic issue. This should not be boiled down to an “America…love it or leave it” issue. This is an America…let’s love each other enough to give an ear and time to cut through the act of protest to get to the reason for the protest (which is quickly lost in a 140 character Presidential tweet). We can still appreciate all of those who have served our country, many of whom have given their lives to protect our freedoms and still respect the freedom of others to express views that are different than our own.

My daughter, Anna, speaks clearly about what OUR freedom allows us:

…you can worship (or not) as you please, without repercussions, and we won’t put you in a camp because of your genetic code, and we won’t make you flee your country on a boat in the ocean and you are safe here…

Please give it a read by clicking the link below!

You know what I spent my weekend doing? Catching up on the Mindy Project while my husband took my older kids to a college football game with his family. And then I binge read a library book (A Man Called Ove-two thumbs up) that was due to expire off my kindle at 1:30 yesterday afternoon. […]

via On Football and Freedom — Anna Spindler Writes

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