Weekly Photo Challenge: On the Way

I will never again make a trip to the Grand Canyon from Iowa in only two days. There are just too many things to see on the way. However, because we were on a time crunch with last-minute reservations in Grand Canyon Village for Saturday night and a long-standing commitment with friends to go to a concert, we left our home on Thursday afternoon and went a little out of our way, west and north to Sioux City, Iowa. However, it was well worth the detour as we were able to see Crosby, Stills and Nash in concert!

Crosby, Seals, and Nash in concert at the Orpheum, Sioux City, Iowa

Crosby, Seals, and Nash at the Orpheum Theatre, Sioux City, Iowa

We spent the next day driving through rain in Nebraska and Colorado, arriving in Colorado Springs in time to see prom goers arriving at our hotel. However, our unexpectedly upgraded room, far from the revelers, gave us a refreshing night’s sleep after a 12-hour drive. We awakened to watch the sun rise on Pikes Peak.

Pikes Peak from Colorado Springs, Colorado

Pikes Peak from Colorado Springs, Colorado

From there we began our trek across Colorado on Highway 160, passing the Four Corners into Arizona and seeing mountains and natural monuments as we pressed on to arrive at the Grand Canyon that evening.


Blanca Peak and Mt Lindsey, Hwy 160 near Ft Garland, CO

Coming down from Wolf Creek Pass, we rounded a bend and drove past Treasure Falls. Fortunately, I was able to make a quick u-turn and spend a few minutes enjoying the beauty and the wildlife.

Treasure Falls, San Juan National Forest

You can tell these chipmunks are often fed by humans since this one came right up by my leg as I focused my camera on the hoary comma butterfly.

We missed the turn to the Four Corners (the point at which Colorado, New Mexico, Utah and Arizona meet), but I wouldn’t have seen Chimney Rock if I had followed directions. By the way, I left my GPS at home and was relying on my smart phone that was having battery issues. So, it was not the only detour we took.

Chimney Rock near Cortez, Colorado

Chimney Rock near Cortez, Colorado

Once we made it into Arizona, I took lots of windshield photos, wishing we had time to stop

Red Point Mesa, Dennehotso, AZ

Red Point Mesa, Dennehotso, AZ

Baby Rocks Mesa, located 15 miles from Kayenta.

Baby Rocks Mesa, located 15 miles from Kayenta, Arizona.

Church Rock

Church Rock

Finally, we were on the home stretch, only about 30 miles to the East Entrance of the Grand Canyon. Seeing the Little Colorado Gorge gave us a little twinge of excitement for what was about to appear.

The Little Colorado Gorge east of the Grand Canyon

The Little Colorado Gorge east of the Grand Canyon

Well, those were the sights “on the way.” For a few of our Grand Canyon pictures you can check them out at the Weekly Photo Challenge: Forces of Nature.

This post is in response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “On the Way.”

9 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: On the Way

    • I just saw you submission and the nice Vegas pics, Ngaire…sorry about the blisters! I was planning to head that direction after the Grand Canyon stop and see Hoover Dam and travel north to Yellowstone “on the way” home. However, Texas and the grandkids beckoned us in a southeastern direction, instead. I hope your conference has been “profitable.”

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  2. Amazing grandeur of this Magnificent creation by the Divine Canvas maker. Beautiful captures and one would need another lifetime to truly acquire all the beauty that exists in this fascinating venue of rocks, canyons, and rivers of Rembrandts. Well done my friend )

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    • Thanks, Tom! You are right…the Creator is the Master Artisan. I’m glad we are able to capture some of His beauty through our lenses. As you know, however, our pictures fail to capture the full extent of His handiwork.


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