Weekly Photo Challenge: Express Yourself

I was taking pictures of our annual Balloon Day’s Parade but had my back to the street for a moment. I heard my name called and turned to find myself face to face with a clown. In my surprise I immediately took this off-centered picture.

IMGP6720 (2)

A second later I recognized him as a young man who attends my church and a former classmate of one of my daughters. As he walked away, I took another (better) picture of Josh (I’m not sure what his clown persona name is). I’m honored that he uses it as his Facebook profile picture. He gave me a tootsie roll, too!


In this year’s parade, I captured him, again (I knew Elvis was still alive!)


I’m glad I don’t suffer from coulrophobia (fear of clowns). I have always enjoyed clowns, remembering trips to the circus as a child and laughing at their outlandish outfits and outrageous stunts.

I also like etymology and was curious about the origin of coulrophobia. “Coulro” is perhaps taken from the Greek word “kolobatheron” which means “stilt” with sense of “stilt walker” and thus “clown.” While Josh’s clown cohort, Jon Carroll, with the Creston Elks Clowns isn’t a stilt walker, he is quite accomplished on the unicycle, dispensing candy from above. Click HERE for an article on his exploits.

Clowning is certainly one great way to “express yourself.” You can see more examples of this week’s theme HERE.

2 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Express Yourself

  1. Like your article. Was glad to see you captured a picture of Jon Carroll too. He is married to my cousin Roxanne (Chubick), one of Wilbur’s daughters. I might add, “you were just clowning around” on this day! LOL!

    Joyce Date: Tue, 27 Jan 2015 05:25:01 +0000 To: joyce7137@hotmail.com


    • Thanks, Joyce. Once I learned about the Greek origin of the “fear of clowns” as related to stilts, I immediately thought of the picture of Jon up on his unicycle. Thanks for stopping by…always nice to see I have a comment from you! Love you, Sister in Christ!


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