The Weekly Photo Challenge: Minimalist

I’m a “catch and release” kind of person for most living things. When my administrative assistant came into the office and told me there was a tiny frog in the church’s vestibule, I looked for a way to get it back into a more natural habitat. I managed to capture the miniscule frog in a 12 oz translucent, plastic cup and placed my camera phone (Moto X) on top to secure the frog. The thought occurred to me, “Take a picture.” Thus, mini(malist) frog in a cup.



Here are the before and after capture/release photos.

This in in response to the challenge – minimalist

18 thoughts on “The Weekly Photo Challenge: Minimalist

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  5. I am a catch and release person, too. I even catch and release bugs from our home to the outdoors… except ticks. When I find a tick on my daughter’s cat, I remove it and flush it. Bleh.

    Great images! Love that top one for the challenge!

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  7. That is a wee cutie~!

    Very much a ‘catch and release’ guy myself, too, but I draw the line with mosquitos—with them it’s sight, aim, and squelch with no holds barred. heck, I even float nasturtium leaves in our outside water buckets (for birds and critturs) as liferafts for ladybugs and things (it works~!).


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