Weekly Photo Challenge: Object

I had the opportunity to make a quick trip back to my hometown of Memphis, Tennessee this weekend. Eleven men from my church and I set out on an eleven hour journey at 5 am on Friday. Then, as the conference ended Saturday afternoon, we made the return trip, arriving home almost exactly 48 hours after our Friday departure. While our purpose was to attend a Downline Ministries disciple-making conference, the fringe benefit was sampling some of the best barbeque in the world. This “object” was the menu that was set before me, signaling the wait was over and my taste buds were going to be very happy soon. image Coincidentally, when we arrived at our conference two men sat behind us, and both work for Corky’s in their online sales division. With Fed Ex based in Memphis, I can attest that they do a great job of shipping this delicious BBQ overnight. Below are a few more pics shot with my Moto X phone, chronicling the trip.

For more examples of this week’s challenge, click HERE

4 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Object

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