Out of the Pulpit

I had a dilemma this week…what to post. The purpose of this blog is to follow-up my Sunday messages at Crest Baptist Church with some additional points of application, but I was “out of the pulpit.” Since we had a missionary couple visit our service last week, I did not preach. I was there; led in worship; led in congregational prayer; and the children’s message. But, I did not preach. Or did I?

The word “preach” comes from the Greek word Kataggello which means “to proclaim, declare, preach, show, speak of, teach.” As you can see from those possible meanings, each of us can be “preachers.” Anytime we are speaking of, declaring or proclaiming the goodness and greatness of Christ, are we not preaching? Didn’t every single participant who earnestly and honestly sang praises, prayed prayers, gave offerings, and greet another in the love of Christ “preach” last Sunday?

Unfortunately, most Christians tie preaching to the pulpit. The average individual fails to see that the role of proclamation is not limited to the professional clergy – the assignment falls to them, as well. Last Sunday, we heard how a policeman and a city manager in Peru were taking that assignment seriously as they were training to become pastors under the ministry of Mike Riggs with Believers Bridge. While not all laymen are called to become pastors, all are called to bear witness of the wonderful grace of God which brings salvation through Jesus Christ, starting where we are (Acts 1:8).

Will you be one who takes preaching out of the pulpit? If you do, you won’t be alone. Christ assures you of His presence and power (Matthew 28:18-20).


The North American Mission Board has a video series called “One-Hour Witnessing Workshop” that can be viewed online.

If you are not sure what other religions believe (and even other Christian denominations) here is a good site to compare those religions to Christianity, giving you insight on how to share your faith in Christ: http://www.4truth.net/

2 thoughts on “Out of the Pulpit

  1. For me, my church is my family. Every Sunday morning I get up and get to see people I haven’t seen all week. It is a blessing for us to get together and praise God. I haven’t been in a church that teaches as much as Crest Baptist and I am enjoying it! Thank you for your leadership!


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