Weekly Photo Challenge: Creepy

I’m not necessarily afraid of spiders, but when I inadvertently walk into their webs, it does “creep me out.” This time of year seems to bring out the orb-weaver spiders, who love to weave their webs on my entry door to my garage. As I was about to leave my house this morning, this spider almost greeted me outside my kitchen door.


I chose to leave the house by the front door and not disturb the spider. Upon rounding the side of the house, I found what looked like a Halloween display with webs strung from the flower pots, and three other large orb-webs that were at least two-feet in diameter.


Eating breakfast

IMGP8233 IMGP8238

So, I’m watching where I walk and carefully avoid being the victim of wearing spider webs to work.

Check out this other examples of “creepy.”

11 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Creepy

  1. What’s creepy is that “face” on the abdomen! I like to keep my distance from spiders, but I am fascinated by them, and love watching them weave their webs and catch their prey. We all stood recently and watched our laundry room windowsill spider wrap up a fly (he was making quite a racket). The webs are unsightly, but I appreciate how many bugs he catches, so he stays!

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    • Yes, they are fascinating to watch make their webs and catch their victims. I think I have so many webs on the side of my house because I’ve been leaving the light on at night…bug magnet. Thanks for commenting, Kim!


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