Weekly Photo Challenge: Unexpected

I’m a little late in this contribution to the photo challenge of “unexpected” (posted 11.22.13). But, better late than sorry:

So, your photo challenge this week is to capture something unexpected. You can also interpret the theme in other ways: a street scene or landscape that just doesn’t look quite right, an impromptu portrait of a loved one, or any other image that reveals a sense of surprise.

During this past extended Thanksgiving weekend, a beagle, who we owned during her first year of life, came to visit while her current owner went out-of-town. We gave Bailey to friends after we found her a little too high-strung for town life. She needed a rural area to run free and other dogs as companions, and both needs were supplied at her new home. However, she still loves to visit. If she is not outside on leash, she takes her spot on the back of the couch and watches for squirrels in the front yard.

On guard duty

On guard duty

Her visits always necessitate “dog-proofing” because she loves to shred tissues from the garbage cans and scavenge for other odds and ends to chew. With my home office door closed and off-limits to her, I’m less concerned about that area being pristine. However, I left the door open as I was reading in my recliner, and Bailey came in to see me. After rooting around my chair for a minute, she made signs of a hasty retreat (indicating she had something I would not approve of her having). I quickly grabbed her collar and then my camera at seeing the unexpected protrusion from her mouth.

After dinner toothpick

Who doesn’t occasionally need an after-dinner toothpick

We’re sorry to see Bailey go when she leaves, but we don’t regret giving her up to have a richer life of snake hunting, rabbit chasing and rough housing with her dog companions.

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13 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Unexpected

    • Yes, Kim, I was glad my camera was right beside my chair for a quick click. And yes, Toby* is the naughtiest beagle by far, but he does snuggle well. The last time we were with the kids, he came into the room after we were asleep and made his way under the covers.
      * Toby is my daughter’s beagle, adopted from a shelter. As his third owner she promised him she would be his last…a promise that is still kept despite chewed up blind and torn curtains.


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